Things That You Will Need When Giving Your Dog a Bath

Doggie bathYour dog needs proper hygiene just like you. Your bathroom may have a loofah, a body brush, some soap, shampoo and other things. You may have expensive lotions that you lather on your body once you’ve finished bathing. Your dog also needs essentials in order for him to experience a great DIY bath and grooming. Grooming at home can be great for nervous dogs as well it would cost effective.

There are many things that you may think you could buy but here are the top essential products your dog may need to keep him smelling and feeling great.

  1. A tub or basin that will fit your dog – If he is a smaller dog, you can do it in the sink or in your very own bath tub or like a wash tub that you use for kids. For bigger dogs, you may need a big basin, this is a lot similar to a big pale but it is much wider in size but shallower in depth.
  2. Nail Clipper or Nail Files – You may want to clip you furry friend’s nails before you bathe him to avoid any scratches just in case he has a tantrum. This also helps prevent him from slipping as you bathe him
  3. Rubber mat or old towel – Our furbabies really need the rubber mat or the old towel so that when they stand in the bath basin or tub they don’t slip and hurt themselves.
  4. Doggie Shampoo – Doggie shampoos are necessary to clean up your beloved pooch. They can’t use regular human shampoo because this can cause allergic reactions to them. The pH level requirement of a dog’s skin is totally different from a human’s. It would be best to put them in a pump bottle or spritzer already diluted to make sure easy application.
  5. Doggie Fur Brush and Toothbrush – You would need to comb out your dog’s fur before giving them a bath so that it is easier to massage the shampoo in. On the other hand, a doggie toothbrush would help keep your canine friend’s teeth healthy and his breath smelling nice. Avoid using human toothpaste since the chemicals in a human toothpaste may cause a dog’s kidney’s to fail. Brush his teeth as you give him a bath so that it would an all in one process and could save you extra effort if you postpone it on a later date.
  6. A Movable Shower Handle or an Old Pitcher – You’ll need this to rinse out your Woof Woof pet.
  7. Two Large towels – Well you would need this because you need to towel dry your pet. Some dogs dislike the noise coming from a hair dryer so it would be necessary to just rely on towels.
  8. Clothes Which You Can Get Wet In – Well let’s face it, you can’t wear a lovely outfit to do this task. Your beloved doggie may want to stomp and play around as you give him a bath so be ready for that.
  9. Dog Toys – You may need to make you doggie dog feel comfortable during bath time. Having his favorite toys there before you start the bathing process can help him feel at ease. It would be a big plus if the toys are water proof. You may need to slowly stow away the toys once you turn the shower on.
  10. Treats! – Using treats to convince your dog that bathing is a pleasant experience. Give him praises and treats as he gets into the tub.

Your pet or pets would surely be happy and healthy if you have these things in your doggie cabinet. It would be a bit of investment at first but if you think about it would you a dime and a buck in the future. Going to grooming stations can be costly and not to mention would need for you and your dog to go out. This may mean that he would be nervous or too stressed out which may cause further issues.

A responsible pet owner treats his pets like a part of the family. Giving them the time and effort to make sure that they are clean means that you love them and that you won’t let them get sick or smelly. Make sure to stay away from harsh products that may cause your pet sickness and disease.